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AI Motion

AI Motion Overview

​Utilize motion capture

Crevijou Co., Ltd. is building a business model optimized for the metaverse field of the digital content market.

  Mounting an AI model, which is a completed action in connection with an AI voucher, provides customers with improved motion data by providing a service model that enhances user convenience.

AI Motion Solutions

 Based on the infrastructure and expertise of Crevijou Co., Ltd., we will introduce a metaverse character motion implementation solution using pedestrian recognition AI technology to provide various services through characters equipped with AI technology in the metaverse environment. In particular, it has the opportunity to expand into a platform with a difference in that it virtualizes things familiar to the MZ generation, such as games, activity elements, social media activities, and user-created content (UGC).

system diagram

The user's actions received from the service are transmitted as a video, and the AI solution

By returning the inferred result, we plan to implement the behavioral expression of the avatar in the metaverse.

Existing avatars can also be used.

Implementation plan and expected effect

  • Development of interactive AI-based characters in which metaverse characters express user actions

  • Improving the simple behavior of existing metaverse characters without legs or with a set pattern

  • Metaverse users use mobile cameras to enable AI solutions to monitor user behavior Recognize and reflect on character (avatar)

  • Characterize various actions of users to use and content in the metaverse environment  

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