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Motion Capture

​모션 캡쳐



Actor Casting

​액터 섭외

UE Cinematic  

3D 언리얼 영상

Visual Art Tech


01. Motion Capture

The dates can be scheduled on the day you want motion capture.
The studio operates on a reservation basis, and even if the shooting ends early, it will be set at a predetermined price.

Price includes engineering fee.

Option 1

1day (4h) 500,000 won

1day (8h) 1,000,000 won  (including Lunch time)

150,000 won extra per hour

*You can request Post-Processing later for extra costs.

Option 2

1~ 2 Actors     3,000,000 won.                7h

3~ 4  Actors    4,000,000 won                 7h

5 + Actors       5,000,000 won  +  α.       7h

*Fixed Clip : Level 1 of Post-Processing is free of charge.

(Level 2 &3  Post-Processing can be requested later for extra costs.)

02. Post-Processing

Level 1  : Raw Marker Data Cleaning

We precisely calibrate fixed raw data and provide it in bvh/fbx formats.

Level 2  : Retargeting & Full Body Clean-up 

· Retargeting the bvh/fbx motion data to the character

· Remove mesh penetration on the 3D character

· Modify spike with joint of 3D character

We cleanup the mocap as closely as possible to the original capture clip.

We can provide clean data in the format you want.

Level 3 : Character's Fingers Clean-up

· Finger animation, detailed parts such as contact with the ground, etc

You will be provided with the final data that has been precisely modified close to the original clip.

We can provide clean data in the format you want.

Level 4 : Facial Expressions Clean-up

We set up and refine charater's facial that is producted from 3Ds Max and Maya by using Unreal Engine.

03. Actor Casting

We can cast all the actors such as dancers, actors, martial arts masters, sports, etc..

CREVIZU has professional dancers and performers.

04. Visual Art Tech

· Modeling 3D Character (3Ds Max, Maya)

· Rigging and Skinning 3D Character

· Character 3Ds Max Facial, BlendShape Facial for UnrealArkit

· Xgen, Marvellous, Kawipics, Meta-Human, Virtual Human

· Unreal Video Production (Music Video, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)

· AI Solution (Data Production for AI Learning - JSON) 

· R&D Collaboration

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